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  FTSS Bolt-On Super Stock Turbo ONLY    

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List Price: $1,499.99 per EACH
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Item Code: 0021100UPTURBO
Categories: Z1T/F1100T Upgrade Turbos & Turbo Kits

Full Throttle Speed Super Stock Bolt-On Turbo

This turbo is a completely upgraded turbo from the ground up, that bolts into the stock location using the OEM header and exhaust housing. This is not a compressor upgrade, it is both a new billet compressor wheel and exhaust wheel. It is incredibly efficient and is a serious upgrade from the OEM installed unit. It is both trail and race friendly. It's been tested in both environments and performs better than we had hoped for.

Tests have proven this turbo to have a very impressive torque curve that is leaps and bounds better than the stock turbo. Spoolup on this turbo is equal to the stock turbo, and pulls much harder throughout the RPM band.

Track Dyno Testing has shown us that at 21 pounds of boost, we can see 151 track HP or 302 Engine horsepower on 93 octane with no detonation throughout the pull. At 26 pounds of boost on VP Q16 we have seen 168 track HP or 336 horsepower. These pulls were done on very conservative tunes with tons of room for improvement.

Customers can use a Hijacker 1.0 or 2.0 with this application OR you can use our dedicated ECU tune. In order to run a HiJacker you MUST have our ECU reflash.

Required Items for Installation:
2 650cc Drop-In Fuel Injectors
190LPH Drop-In Fuel Pump for Z1 or ProCross
Full Throttle Speed Custom ECU Tune (Includes 2-Step and Anti-Lag and different power levels.)


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